Trash Management Services

Our services provide a personal touch to your trash management needs.

Since 1990, American Trash Management has provided comprehensive consulting expertise for waste and recycling systems for multi–family residential, retail, commercial, office and industrial development projects, ensuring that tenant needs are met and in compliance with ordinances. Our approach encourages waste diversion and minimizes ongoing maintenance and disposal costs.

Consulting services

We offer complete trash system design services, from SD to DD to CD/CA.

Trash Compactors, Balers and Chutes

We provide all types of trash-related equipment from compactors to balers to trash chutes.

Concierge Services

We provide concierge trash services, including door-to-door trash porter services, scheduling pickups, interface with the waste hauler and bill audits. Through SmartTrash, we also offer waste monitoring (or fullness monitoring)

Chute Cleaning

We offer chute cleaning services includes cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing trash chutes and discharge rooms, and we provide a full preventive maintenance on the trash chute doors.


We provide both repair and preventive maintenance services for all types of trash compactors, balers, and trash chutes.

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