Who is American Trash Management?

Since 1990 America Trash Management (ATM) has provided sophisticated, cost-saving trash management products and services to private and public sector customers throughout North America. ATM’s mission is simple: reduce the environmental impact, costs and problems of trash. The chart below summarizes our results, with different types of clients, all across the continent.

What is "trash"?

"Trash" is discarded materials. These discarded materials cannot be used by the generator, are secondary to its operations and are composed of things with negative value (i.e., waste) and/or are items that have minimal value to others (i.e., scrap). The trash generator pays to dispose of their waste and can receive some remuneration for their scrap.

What is "trash management"?

"Trash management" is the continual application of sophisticated, integrated management tools to all trash-related disciplines—waste hauling, diversion of waste to scrap, scrap sales, reduction of waste, equipment, site design, governmental approvals and construction, repairs, maintenance and pollution control—with the goal of reducing costs and solving problems while lowering overall environmental impact.

Why do you need "trash management?" And why American Trash Management?

Trash management ensures the individual "pieces" of your trash system — facilities, hauling, equipment, diversion and material handling —operate efficiently, safely and at the lowest possible cost and with minimal environmental impact. American Trash Management provides its clients an inexpensive way to benefit from trash management. Rather than incurring the high costs of "doing it yourself" (by adding new employees or forcing time-consuming, taxing and unfamiliar responsibilities on your current staff), American Trash Management has the knowledge, experience and economies of scale to run the whole trash system for you — effectively and at very low price.

Benefits of ATM’s SmartTrash® Management Service

•cleaner and “greener” environment
•reduced waste disposal costs
•increased benefits from waste diversion

•better audit trail
•safer work areas
•lower labor costs

•more efficient operations
•higher returns on investment
•quicker and easier governmental approvals
•reduced construction costs

SmartTrash® Service
SmartTrash® Management Strategies

•building a partnership (we’re your “trash department")
•government and hauler interface
•facility design
•right-sizing and competitive bidding

•equipment (compactors and balers)
•integrated material handling systems (chutes, conveyors and carts)
SmartTrash® Compactor Management Service
® “Software as a Service” & Wireless Compactor Monitors
•self hauling
•waste diversion that "pencils"
•odor control
•audits and bill paying
•repairs, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting